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Whether your goal is to generate inquiries... nurture prospects... turn visitors into buyers... or retain customers, you’re in the right place. I write words that ignite the GOTTA-HAVE-IT-NOW! impulse.

J​ason Mohr

Development Director

Erin has the impressive ability to write engaging pieces that don’t only educate readers, they excite and inspire a community connection that is unique, unbiased, and true. Her efforts are irreplaceable.

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Here you’ll find minimum project rates that’ll give you a feel for my fees. That said, projects can overlap, flow into packages, and they’re always unique to your needs. Maybe you already have something in place that’s blah, and it needs optimizing. Maybe you need some of this and some of that. Maybe you need a lot of this and none of that. Whatever you need, ask me for a quote that’s customized to you.

I specialize in proven persuasion techniques to transform your copy, grow your inFLUENCE and get results.

Website Copy

Need help with your website copy? The pages most commonly calling for pro skills are Home, About, Services, and Products. Starting at $1899 for two cornerstone pages. Let’s rock your goal for a high-performing website.

Sales Pages

 Need a powerfully persuasive, strategic page that showcases your product’s awesome benefits? A long-form sales page is the ticket. Starting at $1999. Let’s party like it’s that, and turn your prospects into customers!

Landing Pages

Kinda like mini sales pages, convincing landing pages sell the stuff that goes by many names: lead magnets, free resources, content upgrades, downloads, what have you. Starting at $599, I craft these puppies to reel in the opt-ins. 

Email Campaigns

Stop getting ignored and deleted! Stand out in a crowded inbox with helpful, conversational emails that people can’t wait to open. Starting at $999 for a kickass sequence. Just need a couple emails? I write those too.

Lead Magnets

 Entice people to join your email list by offering up a free resource that helps them solve a problem. Build their trust, and a purchase is their natural next step. Starting at $599 for an irresistible, juicy bit!

More services to help you

I also offer three copy packages. Designed to fit different needs and budgets, they’re all targeted to help you boost engagement, clicks, and revenue. Don’t see what you need? Hit me up for a quote that’s customized to you.

Copy Day

Got a quick project you need done stat? My day rate is an affordable way to work with me if you can’t hire me for a big project. And while I have a waitlist for big projects, Copy Day’s flexibility gives you a quick way to get on my calendar. $1200

Website Review

 Your website isn’t performing well? People aren’t buying or signing up? Order a website review and I’ll do a full workup. You’ll get a screen recording of me reviewing your site. I’ll tell you what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix what’s broken. $600

Copy Coaching

​Feel like you’re close with your own writing, but not quite there? Get expert guidance so you can rock your own copy. In a one-hour power sesh, I’ll coach you (or your team) on how to get your words where they need to be to meet your goals$200 

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