Generating More Leads With a Beautifully Written eBook and Landing Page

By Erin Harris | Content Marketing

Dec 22
reading an awesome eBook

Giving away free content is a great way to build your email list. You get a prospect’s email, and they get your helpful information. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Irresistible opt-in offers and content upgrades include:

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    ​Tip sheets
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Create a killer piece of content on a topic that your audience wants to know about, and they'll be banging down your door.

That's exactly what we did at CPI. Here's how:

The Situation

We had a few eBooks on general topics that did pretty well. But we wanted to see something amazing happen in terms of:

  • Content. I wanted to create an awesome resource that would appeal to everyone in our target markets. I wanted it to be generally appealing and helpful to different kinds of people.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO). Heath, my partner in the pursuit of marketing excellence, wanted to try a new way of improving conversion rates on one of our landing pages.

The Solution

De-escalation techniques was one of our hottest keywords. Heath had been experimenting with a couple different PPC landing pages for that keyword for ​quite awhile.  

So I decided to boil down a few strategies from our training course into simple takeaways to help people do their jobs betterand to help them want more. I wrote an eBook called CPI's Top 10 De-Escalation Tips.

The next step was to try something totally new. We had just been to Inbound Marketing Day in Milwaukee, where Oli Gardner of Unbounce presented on CRO. As a result of his talk, for the first time ever, we omitted all extraneous stuff from the landing page. We went for the 1:1 attention ratio, and I wrote ultra-streamlined copy to sell the download.

The Results

There's a screenshot of the landing page below. The page has been a game changer in CPI’s content marketing. Visitors who search for the keyword click my ad copy, head to our groundbreaking (for us at the time) page, and grab CPI’s most popular eBook.

During its first month, we got a record number of leads. That's especially powerful because launch month happened to be June, when our education market heads out for the summer. That is, not only did this landing page and eBook grab our healthcare market. Not only did it grab people in human services, dementia care, juvenile facilities, mental healthcare. It also grabbed educators who were on their way out the school doors.

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    ​Conversions spiked to 859
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    ​Costs per conversion dropped by 14%
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    ​The conversion rate lifted by 20%

Averaging 674 conversions a month, this page is hot. As Heath says, “Visitors fill out forms at a higher rate when Erin’s copy convinces them to get a resource.”

Heath Copps

​Heath Copps

​Online Marketing Manager

​Erin makes my job much easier. And, she makes me look good. My SEO and PPC work flourished when ​I ​started working with ​her. She seamlessly applies SEO basics to her engaging writing (she’s comfortable with the Moz tool!), and we rank well for a ton of ​strategic keywords because of it.

​Our experiment worked so well that I wrote new copy for all our landing pages. They all follow the proven framework. I then went on to write several more guides so CPI's leads have loads of key strategies to help them solve problems. Those eBooks sizzle too, heating the leads up for sales. And CPI continues to rock Oli Gardner's 1:1 ratio for landing pages.

landing page

Get more leads  Achieve results like this

It all starts with an ultra-well-written piece of expert content. The next step is eye-catching ad copy. And then you need a powerfully persuasive landing page. PPC skills like Heath's are critical too.

​Want more leads?

I write powerful co​py that pulls ​leads in like a vortex.


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