Sell Like Hotcakes With Funny Copy

By Erin Harris | Content Marketing

Dec 24
Ever read a long, boring, lame book all the way through?
It’s hell. Amiright?
No one wants to go through that.
And no one’s gonna read boring copy either. That’s one reason why sometimes conversions require humor.
funny copy for the WMSE Food Slam
One look at that mustachioed broncobuster riding the pig and you know you’re in for awesome. HE HAS A PICKLE SPEARED TO HIS HAT.
A dude named Dwellephant created him and the Food Slam’s posters. When looking for a fun way to help sell the last of some hot tickets, I named the cowpoke Big Sam Spurhog, and went from there. Here’s the screenshot:


Big Sam Spurhog helped the event sell out, so I interviewed him a second time to build anticipation for the event:


Comedy in your copy isn’t right for all campaigns. But for some, irreverent humor hits the right buttons. And in all kinds of content, surprise and delight are powerful forces.

Alpaca pic via Pixabay

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