Turmeric Essential Oil: A Killer Remedy for Advanced Pain Management

By Erin Harris | Natural Health

Dec 09
turmeric essential oil

When I started using turmeric essential oil, it changed my life.

My back pain had been intense for three years, but OTC and prescription pain meds were out for me because they’re toxic. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I’m a pretty dirty hippie. I mean I’m clean, but I don’t wear deodorant. I make my own toothpaste. I’m chemically sensitive, so I keep it natural. What goes in my body (and what goes on it) is as close to the source as possible. I’ve been au naturel for 17 years now, and I’ve gotten used to just riding pain out because I’d be worse off if I toxed my body up with poisons.

But for three years I struggled with back pain that wouldn’t go away. It got to a point that even doing the stuff that’s good for preventing pain, like yoga, Pilates, and swimming, made it worse. I would get screwed with pain anytime I tried to stretch or start rebuilding the muscle I’d lost from not doing the workouts that I had always LOVED to do.

So I tried all kinds of natural pain relievers. White willow bark, cramp bark, arnica. St. John’s Wort, turmeric pills, cat’s claw. Glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, MSM. Omega-3 fatty acids and proteolytic enzymes to digest proteins like kinin and fibrin. Epsom salt baths. Magnesium oil. Essential oils like lavender, wintergreen, peppermint, and ginger. I had massage, chiropractic, I went to PT, I had Reiki, I sprang for acupuncture.

These things helped, but the pain always came back.

And I’d already addressed my diet. I’d been gluten free for 15 years. Dairy-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free. Mostly paleo for all that time.

So the next step I took is I started Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT). That helped a lot.

And then I read about turmeric essential oil.

According to DrAxe.com, it’s awesome for reducing arthritis and joint issues. And I found that it’s spectacular for muscle pain too. As a topical treatment, it’s a natural pain reliever that works.

I mix two drops of turmeric essential oil with my favorite lotion, slather it on the site of my pain, and feel that pain dissolve.

turmeric essential oil

I’m not kidding. It also improves my mood. Probably because it relieves pain. Because when you’re not in pain anymore, you can enjoy life again.

There are also some ultra-concentrated turmeric pills by Life Extension that help a ton with pain. They’re called Advanced Bio-Curcumin With Ginger and Turmerones. But there is something about applying turmeric oil topically that really does the trick.

Young Living and Doterra don’t sell turmeric essential oil. At least not yet. (Update: They didn’t at the time I wrote this article, but Doterra and many others do now.) And my favorite essential oil provider, Veriditas, doesn’t sell it either.

So I use this 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil by Healing Solutions.

How turmeric essential oil works for me

Soon after I got my first bottle of the liquid gold, I got an acute back injury on top of my chronic one. For two days I had to work in child’s pose. On the third day, the pain started to ease on its own. That’s when it finally occurred to me to rub turmeric oil on the injured spot. The turmeric oil knocked the remaining pain out immediately. And the following day I was much better. I kept at it for several days afterwards, until I felt complete relief.

It’s been about a year now that I’ve used it on an as-needed basis. My chronic pain has cleared up. Thanks to MAT, a huge lifestyle change, time, and turmeric essential oil.

Bonus benefits of turmeric essential oil (and its healthy curcuminoids)

When I use turmeric essential oil, I also find that my nails get stronger and my hair gets fuller. My skin gets brighter too. That’s because turmeric (and the curcuminoids, such as curcumin, that it contains) inhibit free radicals and enhance the formation of elastin. (Check out these 10 Health Benefits and Uses for Turmeric Curcumin Supplements.)

Turmeric essential oil for you

Of course, every body is different, so I’m not guaranteeing your results. I’m not a doctor either, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt. But if you go the natural route and you’ve tried just about everything, give turmeric oil a shot!

What have you tried for natural pain relief? What works for you? Let me know–I’m always looking for more solutions.

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