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By Erin Harris | Content Marketing

Dec 30
SEO copywriting

Knowing what your audience is searching for is crucial to helping them find you.

​Here's how I got CPI to rank #1 for a ​hot keyword that ​gets them thousands of ​​clicks a month.

The Situation

​CPI has a division called Dementia Care Specialists. DCS trains healthcare pros in compassionate ​techniques for providing outstanding care for people who have Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

When I read that the new version of the ​Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was introducing a new term for dementia, I knew this would affect our target market greatly.

They would be searching for information about why th​e change was made, what it means for ​​them, what it means for their patients, and how it affects assessing, diagnosing, billing, coding, and treating. 

And we needed to be the ones ​​​providing the answers.

The Solution

Using ​SEO techniques, I ghostwrote a blog post explaining it all.

​​Naturally, it was important to cover the basics of SEO. In any post you optimize, it's critical to get the keyword in:

  • check
    The title/H1
  • check
    ​An H2 or two
  • check
    ​The body copy of the post
  • check
    ​The ​URL
  • check
    ​The ​image alt
  • check
    ​The ​meta description

​Now to be honest, a monkey can do that stuff. And Google knows it.

What really impresses Google (since it gets smarter every minute) is the same thing that makes humans click, read, and share. ​

​The ​trigger? Awesome​ness. 

​The expertise ​truly comes in​ ​with the most important part of SEO copywriting. The ​part that focuses on the ​quality of the ​post's meat.

So I wrote the post with:

  • check
    ​​​The latest, most thorough, authoritative details. At ​1150 words, the post is ​on the short end of long-form content, ​offering comprehensive guidance and answers.
  • check
    ​The perspective of a subject matter expert who knows her stuff. Kim is a leader and an influencer in the dementia care space. ​​Visitors like and ​​trust ​her because her articles and videos are friendly, professional, ​expert, ​caring, and authentic.
  • check
    ​An ​easy-to-scan, conversational ​style. This helps readers digest the information with ease. ​
  • check
    ​A call to action for readers to seize. With ​a few exceptions, readers aren't ready to buy after they read ​a blog post. Instead, ​the end of a post is a great place to get them more involved with you​r expertise. That's why we added a free eBook callout box below the post.

The Results

There’s a screenshot of the post below. Visitors who search for the keyword click our link, head to our site, and read everything they need to know about ​the t​opic. ​

As a bonus, ​they can also grab DCS's most popular eBook, 10 Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers​ (also written by moi).

  • check
    The post ranks #1 in Google for ​"major neurocognitive disorder." That is, it outranks Psychology Today, Psych Central, and even the DSM itself. The DSM recently scored the definition snippet, but ​our post is #1 in the main results. ​Our post also answers the question snippet "What causes major neurocognitive disorder?" So when people search for this term, there are actually two top-ranking places to ​click to ​the CPI/DCS site.
  • check
    ​The post averages over 3,000 page views per month. This means that ​hundreds of people ​every week are checking out content that rightly positions CPI/DCS as an authority on dementia care topics. Which is exactly ​​DCS's goal ​for its web traffic​.

​Here's the screenshot:

screenshot of a blog post that ranks #1 in Google

Rank #1 in Google!

It all starts with knowing what your ​ideal customers are looking for. The next step is grabbing them in Google with expertly optimized content. ​​And of course to do that, ​the content itself must be ​compelling​, detailed,​ and filled with expert insight.

For your audience to really ​show you the love, that expert content has also got to help them solve a problem. ​And it always ​benefits you both to give them more in the form of a ​download. All this ​makes you a superhero, which puts you top-of-mind when they​'re looking to buy.

​Top image by Carlos Muza

Wanna rank numero uno in Google?

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