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landing page for content upgrade

eBook and Landing Page

This page has been a game changer in CPI's content marketing. ​It averages 674 conversions a month. In the words of Online Marketing Manager Heath Copps, "Visitors fill out forms at a higher rate when Erin’s copy convinces them to get a resource."

blog post

SEO Copywriting: Keyword Blog Post

I ghostwrote this blog post to rank for the keyword "major neurocognitive disorder." It ranks #1 in Google and garners over 3,000 page views per month.

lighthearted promo post

Funny Promo Post

Sometimes conversions require humor. Because this client's audience loves food, movies, and good times as much as music, I got to have quite a bit of fun with this page.

Sales Page

The CPI sales team needed data to show decision makers why they should invest in training. The prospects were in the consideration phase with brand awareness, so I wrote this page to guide them closer to a sale.

Seasonal (& Evergreen) Page

One way to build engagement with your audience is to create content celebrating something people care about. I wrote this page for Autism Awareness Month, which takes place every April. Not only does it get loads of likes and shares every spring, it's a handy resource all year round. Bonus: this page usually ranks on page 1 of Google for “apps for autism.” In the brimming world of ASD content—and any kind of content—page 1 is the Holy Grail.

Storytelling Sales Post

Stories sell. This post uses a classic copywriting formula to attract buyers who relate to the real-life story. Here’s what one of my copy heroes tweeted when she generously shared this post (with her 25k followers):

Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone

Copyblogger ​​


“Thought this was a great example of a powerful, principled marketing message for service that can do great good.” 

Guest Blogger Sales Page

One of the keys to effective content marketing is publishing irresistible​ posts from other subject matter experts in your field. ​​​​Together with your own expert ​content, this shows your audience that ​you​'re an anchor for extensive, ​insightful information. ​I wrote this page to draw in guest bloggers for CPI, ​​​helping ​​cement ​them as ​a go-to authority on ​their topics.

Case Study/Testimonial Page

This page showcases customer testimonials, and links to deeper case studies. Spotlighting data we gleaned through TechValidate surveys and customer interviews, this is the ultimate in social proof. The team says it’s crucial to closing sales.

Link-Building Definitive Guide

I was happy to be part of the team that created this puppy. I led the content and together we all won a BMA Bell Award for our work!

Erin Harris portfolio

​​Step-by-Step How-To Blog Post

Here's an example of taking amazing content from an extraordinary podcast and repurposing it to create a helpful, compelling post that readers love. Bonus: How this safety assistant handles the situation might surprise you!

Autoresponder Email Campaign

You probably know that a trick to high-performing emails is writing like you're talking to a friend. ​​​​A ​less-known jackpot lever​? ​​Us​​ing storytelling ​​techniques, like cliffhangers. ​

I wrote a robust​ nurturing sequence ​using ​these principles. ​The results? “People beg us to send them the next installment.” And the lift we got in clicks?! Hoo doggie.

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