How to Capture a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page

By Erin Harris | Life

Oct 14
how to capture a screenshot of an entire webpage

I always wondered this, and just now found the answer. Gone are the days of cobbling together multiple screenshots that fit like a four-year-old cut them out with rusty scissors. Here is the brave new world of one single seamless PNG that captures an entire webpage. Thank you, Parabellum1975!

In Chrome, capture a screenshot of an entire web page like this:

  1. Press Option/Alt + Command + I. (I think Command is the Windows key on a PC.)
  2. Click the device icon.
  3. Click the grey bars to select the view you want: Tablet, Laptop, Mobile, etc.
  4. Click the three dots.
  5. Choose “Capture full-size screenshot.”
  6. Locate the file wherever you have Chrome set to store downloads.


UPDATE: It also looks like there are some really nice Chrome extensions. I don’t use Chrome as much as FF, so I haven’t tried any of these yet. That said, I’ll be using Chrome a lot more very soon because of Airstory’s Researcher. So I’ll let you know if I try any of the screenshot extensions, and what my favorite is. Got a fave of your own? I’d love to hear about it!

In Firefox, capture a screenshot of an entire web page like this:

A day after I posted the Chrome instructions, I noticed that Firefox had automatically installed a beta version of a new-to-me function called Firefox Screenshots.

I hope this means that if I surf the Internet for “find a million dollars” and then write a post about how to find a million dollars, a million dollars will automatically install itself in my bank account.

Firefox Screenshots is awesome. It’s much simpler than the Chrome method. First, head over to download it from Mozilla. Then:

  1. Click the three dots on the right side of your address bar.
  2. Click “Take a Screenshot.”
  3. Click “Save Full Page.”
  4. Locate the file wherever you have FF set to store downloads.

Let me know if this changes your life as much as it has evolved mine.

Cat image by pixabay user acebrand. It looks like that handsome Siamese cat gets around.


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