We Won a Bell Award for Digital Marketing!

By Erin Harris | Content Marketing

Apr 23
Crisis Prevention Institute team members

“I want to attract fresh links and engagement to our site with a mega content project.”

These are the wise words of my colleague Heath Copps. Heath is Online Marketing Manager at the Crisis Prevention Institute, where I lead content.

“That sounds cool,” I said. “Whaddya wanna do it on?”

“Education,” he said.

Educators make up I believe it’s 40% of our market, so this was an idea that’s typical of Copps: smart, strategic, certain to bring in traffic, links, and engagementand sure to help schools too.

Because that’s what content marketing is all about: “creating and sharing valuable free content,” as Copyblogger says. Content that educates and inspires your audience “so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.”

CPI is about helping people too, so content marketing is a natural process for us.

Education was a bit broad though, so I suggested narrowing the focus to school bullyinga hot topic that loads of people would love to share a rich piece of content on.

Then we got to work. Over the next few months, we built a helpful page for teachers, administrators, and really everyone: students, parents, everybody.

  • Heath mapped the project out, organized every step to keep us in scope and on track, researched like he was getting a Ph.D., and built relationships with dozens of thought leaders on bullying prevention.
  • I guided a new copywriter on writing the page’s intro, penned blog posts, edited colleagues’ posts, wrote supporting content, and edited a bundle of free resources to generate leads.
  • Just about everyone on our Marketing team was involved, working their magic in front-end development, writing, design, outreach, social media, podcasting, proofreading, product awareness, lead genif it’s awesome, you name it and our team rocked it.

We launched last October for National Bullying Prevention Month, and the page was a hit.

Here are Heath’s details on his strategy. Here are the numbers on our results.

Six months later, a nice bonus result is that our hard work has won us the BMA Bell Award for Digital Campaign. We took home the award tonight at a ceremony held by the Business Marketing Association of Milwaukee.

Exciting stuff! It was fun to celebrate over food and drinks and get recognized for our achievement. We were up against agencies for this puppy, and it’s rare for the national judging panel to select the work of an in-house team.

Check out our award-winning page: School Bullying Prevention


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