Today’s an Amazing Day for Music

By Erin Harris | Music

Jan 28
no music, no life

Do you ever have those days of constant discovery, where you come across song after song that feeds your soul?

Today’s one of those days for me.

It started with one of my favorite live sets of the downtempo duo Darkside. What autoplayed after that is something I haven’t been able to stop listening to. Kiasmos has my heart now, because of how they blend the emotive piano with uplifting beatsand build it to something powerful, nourishing, and holy. Its build and release reminds me of Slowdive’s Falling Ashes and Signaldrift’s Tense Situations, two other songs I could never live without.

After Kiasmos, this Purple Disco Machine ditty did me the honor of autoplaying. Holy Heaven, Batman. Don’s stop lifting me up.

Next I came across this fascinating deconstruction of one of the greatest, most iconic songs of all time (to at least one generation).

After that, a friend shared this on Facebook. The guitar, the foot tambourine, the spoons, the vocals, the soul. God yes.

This led me to Abby the Spoon Lady’s YouTube channel, where I happened upon another of her tunes with Chris Rodrigues. My God these cats can play. And the dude on the right can sing.

This trio is made out of flesh, bone, and their blood is music.

Then YouTube suggested that I discover for the first time that not only is Hugh Laurie a charming prince. Not only is he the misanthropic House. Dude can tease some keys.

I live for music, so I write lots of posts on it. If you discovered something you like here, check out my other blog for more!

Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash.


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